Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A product review....

I know that most of you that read this blog may not need to watch your sugar/carb intake, but it is something I struggle with daily. Today I decided to switch lunch up and I made waffles! The boys were super excited and ate them right up. A few years ago we tried a local pancake house and when I asked for the sugar free syrup, they brought one I'd never had before. Oh my---it was the best sugar free syrup I'd ever tasted. Most of the ones I had tried were super watery, but this one was thick and tasty!!

I was super excited to see that they had it for sale at the restaurant. When I used up all of my bottle, I went searching to find more!! I rarely eat pancakes or waffles, but when I do, I love having this syrup to use!! You can find it here.