Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It rained most of the day here, but we still managed to get out to hunt eggs!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning....

I know it isn't spring yet, but I've started my spring cleaning already! Friday I cleaned out the pantry, Saturday I cleaned out the freezer and deep freezer, and today I filed, sorted and shredded the paper pile ups. While cleaning out the freezer, we also took inventory of the freezer items. This time I'm hoping to be better about planning our meals and crossing things off as we use them. I didn't inventory lunch items or what was in the freezer in the kitchen, though.

 4 steaks
1 package hamburger meat
1 package meatballs
1 package chorizo
lots and lots of boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 package whole grains and veggie blend
1 package fire roasted veggie blend
1 package roasted corn
4 ears of corn
1 bag chicken tenderloins
2 packages Louisana hot sausages (Shaine is pretty much the only one that eats these, so I won't plan means with them)
1 package habanero pepper jack chicken sausages
1 package thick cut applewood smoked bacon
3 packages Trader Joe's rice medley
2 packages Trader Joe's confetti rice (lemon grass, baby corn, and ginger)
1 package Eggo waffles
9 8 packages grilled chicken breast strips
1 package meatless meatballs
2 1 package bacon mushroom swiss cheese chicken sausage
1 package fully cooked beef brisket
1 package maple breakfast sausage
1 bag eggrolls
1 package beef salami
1 package Flounder fillets
1 bag green beans
1 bag broccoli
1 package breaded cod fillets
1 ziploc turkey taco meat
1 ziploc hamburger meat with green chilis
1 ziploc cooked ham slices
1 package marinated roast (I don't recall what this is exactly, but realized we missed writing it down when I sat down to type this up)
1 box cookie dough 

Here are a couple of pictures of my pantry, too.

I still needed to put some recipe boxes back in.  I went through my cookbooks and got rid of a few, too. We can see what all we have much more easily now.  With a larger pantry, I have a bad habit of buying too much stuff to fill it with.  Then it gets hidden and goes bad!  I was also trying to clear it of some of the less healthy stuff.  I didn't get rid of everything, but a large portion.  I don't plan on buying store bought cookies once what we have is gone.  Instead, if we want cookies, we can make some homemade ones and then only bake a few at a time.

I cooked a lot last week, so starting the week out, we are eating up any leftovers. Monday--kale salad (we had this last week and still have plenty of veggies chopped and ready for more!) Tuesday--fried potatoes with squash, zucchini, and onion topped with sausage (leftovers) Wednesday--fried chicken and not sure what sides yet (leftover chicken from Popeyes)