Thursday, April 29, 2010


Recently, my boys have said/done some thing to make me smile. I've posted most of these as my status on Facebook, but I like to have them here, too.
--Logan was just on the phone with his grandma. He told her that his daddy likes to watch really weird shows. He proceeded to tell her that there were "dumb askes" on the show. Ooops! :-)

--Today Logan and I were talking about age and it came about that I was born in 1979. His eyes got big and he said, "That means you're really old and your skin isn't even wrinkled!" :-) Amazing!

--Hubby and Logan are playing tennis on the Wii. Hubby left the room and Logan came over and whispered his secret about how to beat daddy at the game. "My secret is to hit the remote really hard." It must be working because daddy asked him how he was hitting it so fast. :-)

--Logan was just reading his weekly Proverb to me (Proverbs 14:14): "The faceless will be fully......". We both got a good laugh. :-) Logan covered his face with his hands and said, "Look. I'm faceless!".

--A few nights ago we were driving home and Lucas saw a steeple on a church. "It's DCC's mall." He calls DC, DCC and he thought the steeple was the Washington Monument! :-)

--Lucas calls macaroni and cheese macky-owner and cheese. Makes me smile every time!

--I was in the basement sorting laundry when Logan came down. "Want to see how fast I can flap my arms?" "Sure", I said. He starts flapping as fast as he can. "Do they look blurry?" :-) That kid makes me smile. Here is a video I took later that day when I caught him flapping his arms again. So, here you'll see Logan flapping like mad and Lucas excited to see himself!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have been absolutely horrible about cooking lately. It is time that I get back to it. We are trying to limit our meat intake (and fat/cholesterol), so will be having lots of salads. They are just easier for me to do.

Sunday--fish tacos--these were super easy and pretty tasty! I just used Gorton's tilapia fish sticks, wheat/corn tortillas, shredded lettuce and mayo/sour cream/salsa as the sauce (1/2 cup of time I would add a few dashes of Cholula to add more spice)

Monday--pan seared red snapper, rice pilaf with pine nuts, and steamed Normandy veggies

Tuesday--quinoa taco salad--We love this! I omit the cilantro and we just top ours with salsa, no cheese. I like mine on the spinach best, but hubby likes his on a salad blend. When I didn't have black beans, we had it with black eyed peas and that was really yummy, too! This makes a lot, so we eat 2 meals off of it.

Wednesday--Black Bean-Taco Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Thursday--leftover quinoa salad

Friday--not sure if we will be home. Some friends are moving from Italy to Hawaii and stopping over in Baltimore. If they make it out of Italy (due to flight delays from the volcanic ash), then we will be heading to Baltimore for the weekend!

It's been so long since I've done a Menu Plan Monday, but I'm sure, like always, there are plenty more menus to check out at Laura's blog!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Want to win an iPad??

Last night I entered to win an iPad by making a donation to a worthy cause. You can enter to win, too, by heading here! The donations are to help babies and their moms in developing countries. Every baby deserves the best start possible!