Sunday, April 22, 2012


I ran out to the farmer's market and Lowe's. When I got home, Lucas came straight to me and opened his mouth and wiggled his tooth. It has been loose forever, but I think today is the day he will lose his first tooth. 
About an hour later, we were sitting at the table and Lucas said, "Momma. My tooth came out!" as he sat his tooth on the table. :-)

Friday, April 20, 2012

More around the house

We got a few more projects done around the house. If you remember my post about putting the boys in the same room, you'll remember that I hadn't done anything in Lucas's old room yet. Well, we decided to do a reading/guest room. We got a new bookshelf (it is the darker shelf on the left) and loaded it with books and put a futon with a thicker mattress on it in there. It gives us a nice place to sit and read to the boys before bed and a place for guests to sleep, too! It is a very small room, so we couldn't do much in there, but I did the best I could. :-)  The red cabinet was in our hallway at the top of the stairs and it holds our extra blankets, towels, etc..  You may remember it from this post.

Logan often sneaks in here and closes the door. His brother doesn't find him here. I've seen him sneaking out of here after he's already supposed to be sleeping. One night I was headed up and he heard someone coming so was trying to sneak back to his room. Scared him to death when he walked out and saw me in the stair well. LOL!

We also did some work in our full bath. My husband put in a new light switch and outlet. We were putting up a new light fixture, but the only outlet in the bathroom was on the old light fixture. The easiest solution was to put an outlet right next to the light switch. We also put up the new light fixture, new medicine cabinet, new towel holders, and painted the wall and ceiling. I love the results! You can see some before and during pictures of the full bath here.