Sunday, June 1, 2008

Giving CVS a go...

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to CVS to get some medicine for the boys and decided to see if there were any deals that I wanted to take advantage of. I don't remember all that I got, but I do know that with my first purchase I got enough extra care bucks (ECB) to only have to pay 99 cents on my second transaction. Granted, I didn't get any ECB on the second transaction, but it was all the stuff I was going there for anyway and it wasn't on sale or anything.

This week I searched the newspaper coupons and compared it to the CVS ad to see what I could come up with. I made sure that I only got things we personally would use. There were a few things that I could have purchased, but we are already stocked up on them (tampons, for one--have two boxes from Costco...LOL--also, could use the diapers, but we prefer Huggies). I had to pay a bit out of pocket (OOP) on the first one since I didn't have any ECB to use on it. So, here is what I got...

First transaction...

  • 4 bottles of Dawn dishsoap (on sale for 2/$2, plus had 3 coupons for 20 cents off, plus get $1 ECB for every 2 bottles purchased)
  • Ascensia Contour (on sale for $30, plus had coupon for $30 off)
  • Ascensia Breeze 2 (on sale for $30, plus had coupon for $30 off)
  • 1 (2 pk.) size D Duracell batteries (on sale for $2.99, plus had coupon for $1 off)
  • 3 (8 rolls each) Bounty paper towels (on sale for $5.99, plus had 3 coupons for $1 off)

Total before sale or coupons= $181.10
Total after sale= $84.96
Total after coupons and tax= $21.61 OOP
Total savings= $160.74

Earned $12 ECB ($10 from Bounty and Duracell purchase and $2 from Dawn purchase)

Second Transaction

  • 3 bottles Pantene shampoo (on sale 3/$10, plus had 3 coupons for $1.50/1, plus earn $3 ECB---the coupons I had were for any Pantene Beautiful Lengths product...they didn't have any of that kind, but I tried the coupons on what I did get and they went through no problem)
  • 1 Gillette razor (for $9.99, plus had coupon for $4 off, plus earn $4 ECB)
  • 2 Colgate Total toothpastes (on sale BOGOF--$3.99 for one, plus had 2 coupons for $1.50/1)
  • 2 Adkins Advantage granola bars (on sale BOGO 1/2 off--$2.29 for one, plus had 2 coupons for $1.00/1)
Total before sale or coupons= $37.52
Total after sale= $27.42
Total after coupons and tax= $14.61
Total after ECB ($12) from first transaction= $2.61 OOP
Total Savings= $35.60

Earned $7 ECB ($3 from Pantene, $4 from Gillette)

So, I'm feeling pretty good about my purchases. I'm even excited about the free blood sugar monitors since I am diabetic!! I get my testing strips for free through insurance (or I guess it is better to say I have no co-pay on them, since I DO pay for my insurance!!).


Audra said...

WOW! I'm going to look at that for myself. What a deal. Thanks for sharing.

Teri said...

I love a great bargain! :) Way to shop! :)