Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For PaBob...

Dad, a police officer was recently killed in the line of duty and I thought the boys might like to go watch the funeral procession.  They had asked the public to line the streets to show support.  It started near our house, but I decided to go last minute.  In order to get ahead of them, I cut out towards the land fill.  The boys and I ended up at that spot with the tractors near there.  They only had one out on that day, but I did take a picture for you.  :)

Logan wanted me to take another picture to show the tire is as big as him.

Here are the boys watching the procession.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm a little late getting these up, but I wanted to share!  I've been saying for a while that I really wanted to cut back on Christmas.  The thought of buying a gift just because it is Christmas makes no sense to me.  To me, it should still be a thought out gift, so that is what I aimed for when buying gifts for the boys.  This resulted in fewer gifts, which resulted in fewer things to have to find a home for after the gifts were opened!  :)

I love this picture. They really are becoming friends. They tell jokes that only the two of them think are funny and they stay up late talking.

Getting the gift opening under way!

Lucas loves the 3 Little Pigs, so I knew he'd love this book: The 3 little wolves and the big bad pig!

He was so excited to see his new "park in the poop shirt" from Yellowstone!

Logan was happy to have a new Yellowstone shirt that fits, too

The company I ordered the shirts from sent the Santa hat for free! They also sent a free Yellowstone Christmas ornament. I thought that was super nice of them!

A new book from Gran and Papa, In the Night Kitchen.  Shaine loved this book when he was a little boy!

This picture cracks me up. Lucas was done! We had to bribe him to continue. This was the last gift we managed to get him to open! 

Logan had to help him open this one.

Building blocks from PaBob and Meme

I got a box!!

Lucas was done unwrapping, but he was still interested to see what was in that box!!

More building blocks from PaBob and Meme!  The boys have been wanting some, so I knew they would be happy!
Lucas asked for a bell from Santa, so he got them each one.

Reading the letter from Santa!

Lucas was so upset about going to sleep on Christmas Eve. We chose some cookies for Santa from the sugar cookies we made and Lucas really wanted to stay up and share cookies with Santa. Santa was super nice and saved a bite for him. As you can see, he was super excited about it. 

Lucas's line up. He already had Mario, but got the others for Christmas.

Stocking time!

The sugar cookies we made a few days before Christmas.  I'm a bad momma and didn't even get a picture of the boys decorating them.  I was icing them and they were decorating them faster than I could  go.   

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A first for me....

We took the boys back to the rink and today I joined them on the ice. I must say, I was afraid of falling. I stuck close to the edge, but finally ventured to the middle. Lucas seemed to be pretty happy that his momma was ice skating and Logan was super excited when he saw I wasn't holding the edge. :-)