Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My "baby" is 7!

Today my sweet, sweet boy turned 7 years old.  I truly can't believe it.  Time is going by WAY too fast!!

If you know Lucas, you know he LOVES the number 3.  So, when it comes to blowing out birthday candles, he likes to do it 3 times.  Now, you can't just light the candle and blow it out 3 times, you must sing "Happy Birthday" 3 times, too.  :)  Here is round 3!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Facebook catch up....

I often post little funnies that happen throughout the day on FB, so I thought I would add some of them to my blog, too....

February 4, 2013--  This morning Lucas and I were talking about how he will be turning 7 this month. He then asked me how old Logan is. I told him that Logan is 10. He asked if he was going to be 8 next, then 9, then 10 like Logan. I think he thought he would finally catch up to his brother's age. :) We talked about how when he turns 10, Logan won't be 10 because Logan will get older each year, too. He said, "And someday Logan will be 20?" That got him to counting from 20. He got to 29 and I asked him if he knew what came next. He said, "Twenty-ten". :) I told him it was 30 and then he started counting from 30. He's never really counted much past 10 even though I knew he knew more numbers than that. He loves numbers, it just has to be his idea to share what he knows.

January 30, 2013-- At almost 11, I think I hear Lucas. Shaine was sitting at the dining room table (closer to the stairs) and I was in the living room, so I asked him if that was Lucas. It was. He was calling for me. I go up and he asks me about his Super Mario line up (the same one that was watching him eat this morning) that was lined up on his dresser. I get him back into bed and he asks me about his birthday. Apparently he heard me saying he'd be 7 next month and he is super excited that his birthday is coming soon.....LOL! Then he started asking me about every cake he has had on his birthdays. The boy has an excellent memory, so I am in trouble. He is only 6 and already I can't remember them. Thankfully I have pictures and he has requested to see them in the morning. :)

January 30, 2013-- Lucas has an audience watching him eat. Notice the shirt he is wearing, too (Super Mario Brothers). :) Please ignore the trash bag in the back. I promise it isn't trash, but rather some stuff I need to mail to a friend.

January 22, 2013-- You know you are a daddy's girl when...... You are checking your messages and you save the one from your daddy just because. ♥

January 22, 2013-- If there is such a thing as a redneck meal, I'm pretty sure we had it tonight! Fried taters, ham steak, and corn. Certainly not a healthy meal, but it just hit the spot.

January 19, 2013-- Speaking of getting snuggles in, I'm pretty sure Shaine took our "baby" to bed with him tonight. I'd leave him in the bed and join them, but somehow Shaine still gets his half of the bed and Lucas and I share my half. Problem is, Lucas doesn't share that half equally.....LOL! Hmmm. Maybe I should just go get in Lucas's bed..... :)

January 18, 2013-- The other night, I headed upstairs to go to bed. Shaine was already in bed and I heard a noise in my room. It was Logan. He had gone in there to tell Shaine good night. I gave him a hug and told him goodnight. He said, "Can I just stay in here for a while?" When I said yes, he ran and jumped into the bed. 10 is not too old to get some snuggles in. :)

January 18, 2013-- I just remembered something that happened on Wednesday when we went ice skating and wanted to share. Lucas always makes up "games". He has to do certain things in a certain order and then he can move on. If you interrupt him during one of his "games" and not let him complete what he was doing, he gets very upset. Well, he was trying to tell us where he wanted to start his next game and we weren't sure what he was saying. He was yelling and we told him to use his words. Finally we got it. He pointed to a sign on the wall in the rink and said, "I want to start my next game at the Mason sign." Shaine and I just looked at each other. I said, "Did you tell him what that said??". He had not, but the week before Shaine said he did show him the sign on the ice that says George Mason. Yes, it isn't truly reading, but it is the start of it. I know it isn't a huge thing, but I was just surprised by it. :)

January 18, 2013-- I bought Logan a pair of size 5 soccer cleats before fall soccer season started. Tonight I bought him a new pair of soccer cleats......size 7!!! What in the world???

January 15, 2013-- I was saying in the comments of my last status that Lucas loves babies. Case in point: On Saturday we were at Logan's futsal game (similar to indoor soccer). There was a lady sitting beside me who was probably close to 50 (her boy was playing). Her mom was sitting next to her. Somehow we got to talking and they were talking to Lucas. The older mom told Lucas that the younger mom sitting next to me was her baby. Lucas gets a HUGE smile on his face and says, "I like babies!!!!!" in the most excited, cute voice you can imagine. We all got a good laugh out of that one!! :)

December 22, 2012-- We are watching Santa Claus (not sure which one) and Logan said, "Where do they get these people with pointy ears?" He had asked something similar about Lord of the Rings earlier and I told him they made them look that way that they aren't really that way. I said, "Logan! Again, they are not real." His reply: "They're real people!!!!" Oh my, how do I even keep a straight face.....LOL!

December 21, 2012-- We went out to mail some packages and Logan held out his hands and said, "Is it snowing?". I told him it wasn't, and he said, "Oh. It feels like it." I looked more closely and sure enough it was! It only lasted 10 minutes and didn't stick, but he was super excited that it snowed on the first day of winter.

December 13, 2102-- I just went up to tuck the boys in and I found Lucas in his bed standing on his head with his feet on the top bunk above him. He told me he was "dancing on the ceiling". LOL! That boy totally cracks me up!!

December 6, 2012-- I was talking to two different friends about knowing you are a mom when you use your shirt to wipe your child's nose. This happened this past weekend when we were out cleaning the neighborhood and I forgot to bring tissues along for Lucas. Last night I was in the kitchen and Lucas walked up to me and wiped his nose on my forearm. I was wearing short sleeves. Um. Yuck. Then this morning he came into my room when he woke up and was saying, "My nose. My nose." Before I could even help him, he leaned over and wiped his nose on my pillow case. I just washed my sheets yesterday. I guess I should be happy it is just the pillow case and not the sheet. It is much easier to re-wash a pillow case than it is a sheet. :)

December 3, 2012-- Tonight when Shaine got home from work, he told me he may have accidentally got something in his hair. I had no clue what he meant. He said he used the blue comb to comb his hair before leaving for work and that his hair stayed perfectly in place all day (and Shaine's hair does NOT do that). We inspected the comb and it appears that there was either hair gel (Lucas loves having his hair spiked, so we have some for that) or toothpaste. Upon inspecting the hair gel, I'm fairly certain it was tooth paste because there isn't enough hair gel missing for me to feel that was the culprit. But, Logan has toothpaste almost the same color as the hair gel and he routinely makes a big mess with that all over the sink. My guess is the comb was out and got involved in the toothpaste mess......LOL!