Saturday, May 31, 2008


My husband has been watching the Stanley Cup Finals, so there has been a bit of hockey on in our house. Today I was cleaning the bathroom and Logan came in to chat with me while I cleaned.

Logan: Momma, why do we have those hockey poles in our storage unit?

Me: Well, Daddy likes to play hockey and maybe someday soon he can teach you how to play.

Logan: I already know how to play.

Me: Oh, really.

Logan: Yeah, you just bump into each other a lot and use those hockey poles..

Me: You mean hockey sticks.

Logan: Yeah--you use those hockey sticks to push that thing around on the ice.

Me: Puck, it is called a puck.

Logan: Yep...a puck. You push it around on the ice.

Yes, I'd certainly say he's got it figured out...LOL!!


Melissa said...

I'd say he's ready to start playing!

TheAngelForever said...

Too cute! Next year I have to take my big guy to a game. He is old enough to enjoy it and it seems like a must since his initials are NHL ;)

Audra said...

Too funny! Here's how much I know...I apparently bought a Redwings shirt at a yard sale. The man was so proud that someone was buying his son's shirt that he probably wore to a game. I just thought it was a cool shirt with a motorcycle tire on it with flames. Shows how much I know. I now know it is a hockey team that is in the finals.