Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday....

Last week we had the crockpot steak and gravy and really liked it. So much so that hubby asked for it again this week!! I only used half of the package of French onion soup mix. It is pretty much like pot roast!!

We also had the cayenne rubbed chicken with avocado salsa. I really liked this one a lot---and I don't typically like raw onion!! I took the advice of a review and cut back on the onion--using about 1/2 cup. I also upped the avocado to two.

I also attempted homemade eclairs (hubby's favorite), but something isn't right. They taste okay, but need a little tweaking. I used a nifty eclair pan and followed the recipe that came with it. I messed up on the filling--it was too runny--and had to do it over. It seems I was over cautious about it and made it too thick. I was able to thin it out some and it tasted pretty good. The taste of the shells and chocolate are off though. I'll keep working on it!!

Although it didn't photograph very well, the steak with black beans was pretty good, too. I think it was a little bland for us. I think I would add 2 cans of green chilies next time. I liked mine with fresh lime squeezed over it!!

*-new recipe


Tuesday--beef tips (I use French onion soup mix and only use half the package), rice pilaf, steamed Normandy veggies

Wednesday--lemon butter chicken*, spaetzle, salad

Thursday--sour cream noodle bake*, salad, Hawaiian bread*

Friday--steak and gravy, rice, cauliflower

For more menu plan Monday fun, head on over to Laura's at I'm an Organizing Junkie!


Michelle said...

the lemon butter chicken sounds divine.we love indian food.. have a great week..

Audra said...

Sounds delicious and I can't believe you made eclairs. I just bought some at Sam's, never thought about making them...

Tammy said...

Seriously, I want to eat at your house for a week!