Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honorable Discharge....

That's what we just got in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Dh has officially fulfilled his 8 year MSO (military service obligation) to the Army. He chose to go into the IRR (individual ready reserve) after his 4 years of active duty. They constantly called and sent letters threatening that he better go active reserves or he would be called up and not have a choice where he was placed.

At times I was nervous when I would see letters from the Army. I'm glad that he is done. I think that him being in the Army was a great thing. He was stubborn about where they placed him--telling them he wouldn't join if he didn't get the job he wanted. Because of that, he has a pretty good job today!! We had our hard times while he was in, but I think it taught us a lot and we learned to rely on each other. We certainly spent our fair share of time apart---making us know that with each other is where we want to be!!!


Audra said...

I'm so glad he is done! Together is the best place to be. Not everyone is cut out for one year remotes to Korea, but it sure teaches you a lot!

Audra Marie said...

Welcome to a wonderful new chapter of your life together. :)

What are the odds that two Audras would post a comment on here. Totally weird.