Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Well, I had planned on going into DC and trying to get tickets for the Easter Egg Roll. However, after doing some more research, I learned that you truly do have to be there 12 hours in line to actually get tickets. I think you can go on Monday and spend less time in line, but hubby has to work on Monday and I don't think I want to stand in line for hours with two kids. On top of that, they will be here working on our bathroom on Monday. However, there is a lady that organizes a bunch of moms to meet up and wait in line together to get tickets. I'm going to try that next year. I hadn't planned for it this year and then learned that they'd be here working on Monday. What is a bit irritating about the whole thing is that people go wait in line for tickets just so they can sell them for $100+ per ticket (and absolutely everyone must have a ticket). GREEDY!!! While I didn't go stand in line, there are plenty of parents that did and were turned away because lots of these greedy people got there first. I understand these tickets are free to anyone, but if you don't even want to go, let someone who does have chance to get them. I suppose you could say they are giving them a chance----by selling them. It's just sad that to take your kids to such an awesome thing, you have to jump through hoops or be willing to spend big bucks!!

And because I haven't taken any pics today---here is a picture from last year just for kicks!! They've grown soooo much!!

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Milk Mama said...

Oh they're so cute in their ears! I tried to get Anna to wear ears, but she just tore them off every time. Wah!