Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday--Christmas edition!!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Our day was pretty relaxing. We had all our presents wrapped, so it was actually a pretty relaxing Christmas Eve, too!! We don't put any gifts under our tree until Christmas Eve once the boys are in bed, so we tucked them in and off we went. We moved the Christmas tree (don't worry--it wasn't hard...we stuck to a 4 foot tree this year to keep Lucas out of it:-)!!!) to the playroom and piled the gifts around it. Logan usually wakes up and heads straight to the playroom, so we made sure we were up before him to keep him from seeing his surprise until the cameras were ready...LOL!! Okay----I'm ready......

We truly enjoyed watching the boys open their gifts!! The boys played and played and Logan insisted he didn't need to eat today....he "isn't even hungry, anyway"!! It was a great day!!


Audra said...

Glad your camera was ready. Cute pictures and fun gifts! Not too many people move their tree on Christmas eve.

Michelle said...

Oh great shots,I'm impressed with your moving the tree!wow.hope that you and yours had a very merry christmas.