Monday, July 2, 2007

Busy Weekend and Menu Plan Monday

We had a very busy weekend. So busy that I totally didn't prepare my menu. We went to Home Depot on Saturday and browsed. We picked out a paint color that we really like for our kitchen. We went ahead and bought the primer so that we can prep the kitchen for painting. I want to buy the paint soon, because it is on sale and I can't pass up a bargain :-)!

Last night we prepped our house for our new windows to be installed today. I'll take a picture later so that I can post a before/after shot. I am loving them so far!! They are gas filled, so they keep the heat out. Even though our blinds aren't up in the living room (have to let the windows set for 24-48 hours before I can put them back up), they are way better than our old ones. I never opened my blinds before because the heat would just pour in. Now, I will be able to open my blinds and let the sun in without the heat!!

The gutter people are also here and building our new gutters. They will be back tomorrow to install them! more waterfalls from clogged gutters. We bought them from Gutter Shutter and they are guaranteed not to clog. If they do, they come fix it for free.

I haven't really made a plan for this week...just gonna kind of make it up as I go. Last week I made an extra pan of poppy seed chicken for the weekend and then we didn't eat it so, we'll have that tonight. I have leftover mac and cheese too, so we'll eat that tomorrow.

Monday--poppy seed chicken over jasmine rice, steamed broccoli, leftover corn
Tuesday--buffalo chicken (Tyson's), leftover mac and cheese, and a veggie of some sort
Wednesday--going into DC for the fire works (and renting a hotel room there) and will likely find a place to eat there
Thursday--Christi's pot pie (I have everything for this and the chicken is already cooked)
Friday--cheese burger beef Wellington's (we didn't have this last week) and mixed veggies


tegdirb92 said...

oh yum--what a great week ahead!!

Michelle said...

i love the idea of poppy seed chicken! thanks for the idea;-) have fun at the fireworks~thanks for the visit.