Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boys are so much fun!!

Lucas (17 months old today) is learning to say more and more things everyday. Some of the things he says we have no clue where he heard them. For instance, while grocery shopping one day, he started saying meatloaf. I'm assuming that he heard someone around him say it, but I didn't hear it. I love when he says it, too. He says "meat-whoaf". Then the other night he said something new. He has been saying baseball for a while, but he added bat to it and now says "bay ball bat". No one here watches baseball, so we aren't trying to teach him to say these things. So, the most interesting thing he learned to say happend at a restraunt a couple of weeks ago. You know how it is, when a baby needs to go, they need to go. Well, it was obvious that Lucas was trying to go while the rest of us were enjoying our meal. Lucas was asked if he was trying to poop and he yells out "POOOOP!!" with a nod of his head. Well, Logan thought it was the funniest thing. "He said poop, he said poop, Lucas said poop". Now, people might not have heard Lucas, but Logan made sure they knew all about it. On the way home, my dad called me on my cell and I was telling him about it. That, of course, got Logan and Lucas both going.."poop", "poop", "poop" came from the back seat along with lots of giggles. Well, then Lucas decided to get more creative..."poop butt". Oh my, I couldn't contain myself. Somehow hearing that coming from such a small boy is just too funny!! Of course, I have to admit that I know where he got that one. When he is poopy we call him poop butt. I guess now he has learned to let us know he needs a diaper change without doing the deed and then hanging out at our feet until we get a whiff of him!!

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Audra said...

Hayden and Rachel are still talking about Poop and they are 5 and 7. It doesn't change. Too funny, thanks for sharing!