Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to change the station....

While on our way home from our date last Friday, Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance came on the radio. I must say, I am more one to listen to the beat of the music rather than the words. It might be time that I start listening to the words, because Logan does listen to the words and on more than one occasion recently has let that be known.

Anyway, while the above song was playing, he said, "Why would you want someone's disease anyway?". might be time to change the station.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Date night....

This past Friday I went out on a date with my favorite 7 year old. We went to Chili's for dessert and had a great time! We got to sit at a booth made just for two and it really made Logan smile. I had the chocolate chip paradise pie and Logan had a trio of sweet shots (key lime pie, brownie and warm cinnamon roll). After Logan finished his dessert, he came around to give me a hug. His eyes were a bit teary and I asked if he was crying. "Yes, but I'm crying because I am so happy." I must say, that made me a bit teary and pulled at my heart strings.

Logan really is a sweet boy and I have loved watching him grow up. Last night I went in to check on him before I went to bed. He was already asleep and didn't even budge as I whispered "I love you" and snuggled him for a bit.

What can I say....I love this sweet boy, missing teeth and all!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monopoly and Connect 4 for $2 at Target!!

Target has Monopoly and Connect Four on sale for $7 this week (so you MUST do this by this Saturday). Follow this link for a $5 off coupon on Monopoly and a $4 off coupon on Connect Four. After the coupons print, click the back arrow and you can print another set.

Then, go here and there is a $3 off coupon for Connect 4 (again, after the coupon prints, hit the back arrow to print another one). That makes Connect Four free and Monopoly $2!!

For this price, I picked up one set for us and one set to put aside for Christmas gifts!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being sick is hard to do....

My sweet Lucas is sick. It actually all started a little over a week ago. Logan got sick on Sunday and was fine by Monday. I think it was Thursday when Logan got a cough and that night ended up throwing up after gagging while coughing. Then Lucas woke up and threw up on Friday morning and was fine by about 1PM. Now here we are on Tuesday and Lucas is sick again. I HATE seeing my boys sick and miserable.

Yesterday we went out to dinner and Lucas refused to eat. On the way home, he was whining (which is common for Lucas), but this Momma knew that this whine was different. He was saying something hurt, but wouldn't tell us what. I was driving, but glanced back and saw him touching his stomach. I kept assuring him we were going home and were only 2 blocks away! We keep a collapsible bowl in our van for throw up emergencies and I had my husband get it ready "just in case". Of course, he gave me a hard time and thought I was over-reacting. Lucas let out a cough and for some reason that tends to be my clue that they are going to be sick. Anyway, we did make it home.

The boys were all about to get in the shower and I was in my bedroom printing out some coupons. My husband called for me and I knew what had happened even though I didn't see it or hear it. Lucas was standing in the hallway and had thrown up a little bit. I hesitated just a moment while I tried to decide if I should just wait in the hall with him for what I knew was coming or make a mad dash to the toilet. We were literally right outside of the bathroom, so I picked him up and headed in. Too late! That moment of hesitation cost me a good scrubbing of the bathroom. While I am thankful that we now have tile in the bathroom rather than the carpet that was in there when we moved in, I didn't like how the throw up splattered everywhere as it hit the floor. And when I say throw up, I mean projectile ALL O.V.E.R the bathroom. I got Lucas stripped down and into the shower while I got to work cleaning up the mess.

After his shower, he seemed to be better. So much so that I had to keep asking him to stop running and jumping. We put him in bed and it was a bit of a struggle. I brought a baby monitor down stairs to hear him in case he got sick again. It wasn't long before I thought I heard something. When I headed towards the stairs, I thought I heard a leak. I stopped and looked around and realized the sound was above my head (Lucas' room). Ummm. Yeah. This is nasty, but we have wood floors and the throw up was going between the boards! I ran upstairs and Lucas was at his door covered in throw up. I took him to the bathroom and he got sick a few more times. He refused to let me catch his throw up in a bowl, so I sat in the bathroom on the edge of the tub with him for a while. When he throws up, he lifts his feet, so I literally have to hold him over the toilet with one hand and tilt his head down with the other. Good thing he only weighs 30 pounds!! What is it with kids and tilting their head back when they throw up, anyway? He sipped some ginger ale and I gave him a chewable Pepto Bismol, but it all came up in a matter of minutes.

My poor guy was so tired and lethargic that he finally fell asleep in my arms as I sat on the tub. I carried him to his bed and he didn't even wake. We put a towel on his bed in case he got sick again. He did, but not too bad and pretty much didn't even wake. We changed out the towel and he didn't even seem to notice. At about 4 this morning, I heard a cry and then, "I need my drink". We typically let him take a cup of water to his room, but I took it out because every time he drank anything he was throwing up again. I just wanted his stomach to get a rest. I went in and let him have a little drink, but he cried and cried and wanted to keep his cup. I emptied most of the water out and let him keep the cup. He went back to sleep and didn't wake until 10:30!! It was to the point that I was getting worried about him and was just about to peek in and check on him. I hadn't done so up until then because I didn't want to wake him. However, just as I got to his door, I heard his feet hit the floor and I opened the door before he could even get to it!

So far, he has barely drank anything and eaten one graham cracker (he refused the saltines). He has gone through periods of play and then comes and lays down to rest. This is him currently.

He NEVER naps, so this is how I know he REALLY doesn't feel well. He has been running a low grade temp and has gagged some, but hasn't thrown up anymore since during the night. I'm hoping his little body is fighting away this nasty bug while he rests. Being sick is hard....on both the boy and his Momma!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Heard round here.....

There has been a lot going on around here, just nothing blog worthy at this point. However, the boys have said a few things lately that made me smile and I wanted to share those....

1. Lucas was wearing his brother's cowboy hat and sucking his thumb. Logan said to him, "Lucas, I'm pretty sure that cowboys don't suck their thumbs". :-)

2. Lucas, while pointing to a paper towel: "Momma. Is that a taper powel?"

3. Lucas, while riding in the van at night and looking at the moon: "Is the moon going to set me on fire?"

Lucas somehow took getting a sunburn the wrong way once. Now he thinks the sun, moon, and pretty much all lights will burn him and set him on fire. We're working on that fear.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My sweet, sweet Lucas!

It took me longer than I hoped, but I finally finished Lucas' video! The hardest part for me is choosing a song. I finally just settled because I could have kept looking until he turned 5.....LOL!

Lucas, we love you so much!

I posted these links in my last post, but I wanted to post them here, too. I like to watch all the videos just to see how much my boy has grown!

--Lucas turns 3 video
--Lucas turns 1 and 2 videos

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My sweet Lucas turned 4 last Friday (Feb. 26). Last year on the day of his party, we discovered the leak in our kitchen that lead to tearing it apart. I just realized that I never posted birthday pictures for his 3rd birthday. As always, I am working on a video for his birthday as well, but I haven't finished it yet. Because we've all been sick, we've not had his party yet for this year, but probably will have it this weekend!

Until then, enjoy the pictures from last year!!

Here are some previous birthday posts for Lucas. I can NOT believe that my "baby" is 4!!
--Lucas turns 3
--Lucas turns 3 video
--Birth story and pictures
--Lucas turns 1 and 2 videos

Monday, March 1, 2010

Christmas in March??

My life has seemed ho hum lately. The most exciting thing I've got going for me is that I got a speeding ticket last week. It wasn't a good day. We have all been sick and that day I decided to go ahead and take the boys to the doctor. Lucas tested positive for strep, so I was on my way to pick up his meds at CVS. I was thinking of taking myself to a walk in clinic, but decided to just go get the medicine and go home. If only I'd gone to the doctor, I would have missed out on the ticket. It isn't pretty. I was going 41 in a 25. I thought the speed limit was 35, which would have been speeding, but not near as bad! My court date is set for April 6th. I looked up the fine and it is almost $400! YIKES! Anyway, we all seem to be on the mend now.

Since I don't really have anything too exciting to post, I thought I'd share some pictures from back in December.