Monday, March 1, 2010

Christmas in March??

My life has seemed ho hum lately. The most exciting thing I've got going for me is that I got a speeding ticket last week. It wasn't a good day. We have all been sick and that day I decided to go ahead and take the boys to the doctor. Lucas tested positive for strep, so I was on my way to pick up his meds at CVS. I was thinking of taking myself to a walk in clinic, but decided to just go get the medicine and go home. If only I'd gone to the doctor, I would have missed out on the ticket. It isn't pretty. I was going 41 in a 25. I thought the speed limit was 35, which would have been speeding, but not near as bad! My court date is set for April 6th. I looked up the fine and it is almost $400! YIKES! Anyway, we all seem to be on the mend now.

Since I don't really have anything too exciting to post, I thought I'd share some pictures from back in December.