Friday, January 16, 2009

Picky eaters....

When I took Logan to his 6 year well visit, the doctor talked to me about him being a picky eater. The talk came about when the doctor asked Logan if he eats breakfast everyday. Logan said that he did. The doctor asked him what he ate and Logan answered that he eats all of kinds of things. The doctor pushed further asking what kind of things. "Oh, I eat things like pop tarts...." The doctor looked at me and said, "Mom is sitting over there thinking don't say it, don't say it". I told him that I knew he would say pop tart because he had one that morning. The doctor then asked me if Logan was a picky eater. Um, YES! He told me not to focus on it too much because Logan was at a healthy weight (25th percentile for height and weight). He also told me that kids tend to outgrow it around 6 years old. I crossed my fingers!

Well, a few months have passed and the doctor seems to be right on. Logan is starting to try new foods! I try to remember to give them to him, but sometimes I don't just out of habit. A few nights ago I made pancakes, eggs, and sausage for dinner. Eggs are one of the things that I've avoided ever since he tried them and threw up in his plate! YUCK! I put pancake and sausage on his plate. He saw the eggs on my plate and asked what they were. I told him eggs and he asked for some. Hubby told him he doesn't even like eggs. Logan responded, "Yeah, but I'm starting to try new foods". So, I gave him some eggs. He ate them all and asked for more. I gave him more and he ate those too. He finished everything on his plate and asked for more pancakes and eggs! Amazing! What has made it even harder is that Logan and Lucas seem to prefer different things. Lucas loves oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and rice. Logan loves pasta and pizza (who doesn't!).

Truth be told, both of my boys are starting to eat more things, which has made my life easier. I understand some may not agree with making special things, but it started when Logan was little and on the small side. He was picky and didn't have weight to spare, so I always tried to make him things I knew he would eat. That has carried over and the same thing has applied to Lucas....he is even smaller than his brother was. One would think I wouldn't have a hard time getting a toddler to eat mac and cheese, but Lucas wouldn't touch it. Last weekend, hubby made homemade mac and cheese and Lucas ate it! The other night we ate out and he shared tortellini with his daddy!

Logan has also started eating oatmeal and chicken and rice. I'm so excited that I have been able to prepare one meal and we have all eaten it! Maybe my days of making 3 separate things at dinner is over!


Tammy said...

It does make it nice when they get a little older and start eating more of a variety of foods. I remember those days well of making a couple of meals each meal time. :)

Christi said...

You know that we've been blessed with good eaters - so I know how much easier it must make it for you have everyone eating the same meal.