Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pop Rocks...

When we went grocery shopping on Sunday, my husband threw a pack of these into the cart.

I smiled, remembering eating them as a kid. Well, last night hubby opened them up and gave some to Logan. He thought it was pretty cool and said they were "dancing in my mouth". I thought that was pretty descriptive. That is certainly what it feels like. Then we put some in a cup and added a little Mt. Dew into it. Do you remember what they used to say about eating pop rocks and drinking soda? Well, it certainly was explosive!! Logan loved it.

That got me to thinking about other candies I enjoyed as a child.

When I was pretty young, I had allergic reactions to chocolate, so this is pretty much the only candy bar I got as a treat (it is white chocolate and that didn't bother me so much). What is really funny is that I got one recently because I knew I ate them so much when I was little. Guess what? They aren't as good as I remember them. I only ate one bite.

Let's not forget these!

And yes, I got these

and this....LOL!

Guess what, I didn't grow up to chew tobacco or smoke it either!!

I'm sure there are plenty of other candies I had growing up, but those are a few of the ones I remember getting often. How about you? Are there any you got that aren't as easy to find now? Do share!!


Randall said...

I don't really know what is and isn't available. I haven't seen candy buttons in years. And I always liked the purple licorice... but most stores only had the red and the black. Mostly I remember bubble gum cards. The first Batman ones were an obsession of mine.

Teri said...

OOh - how about wax soda bottles, penny candy (I'm so sad that it is now a bygone) and Tart n Tangy. Don't forget Pixy Sticks!

I also loved the beef jerky chew, even though it drove my mom crazy when we bought it :)

Candi said...

Oh, yes Teri...I almost added pixy sticks to the post. Hubby bought a GIANT (like 2 feet long!!)one a few weeks ago for the boys to try out.

Samantha said...

OH Goodness! I haven't seen those wax lips since i was kid and going to Ben Franklins on Main street!!! REmember the harmonica shaped ones too? We would chew and chew that wax like it was gum, LOL.......

i felt like such a rebel eating those candy cigarettes....my mom wouldn't buy them for me, so i had to get them when i went to the store with friends, LOL

Tammy said...

Wax Lips at Ben Franklin's! (lol) I loved those!

I also loved the candy lipsticks too. My brother always got the "boy colored" ones and called them bullets instead. lol

Candi said...

I know, Samantha, I've not seen those wax lips either. We chewed the wax, too!

Tammy, I forgot about the lipsticks. Too funny about your brother calling them bullets!