Sunday, September 21, 2008


I can not believe that my sweet little Logan will soon be 6 years old. In the state of VA, in order to start kindergarten, you have to be 5 before Sept. 30. Logan's birthday is Oct. 9th, so he missed the cut off for last year. Honestly, I was relieved by that. I have not worked since I was 4 months pregnant with him and the only time I've been away from him for more than a few hours was when I was in the hospital having Lucas. I simply wasn't ready to have him gone most of the day. I began to think about homeschooling more seriously. I had tossed the idea around in my head, but never really thought too much about it.

Now, the pressure was on. By the time I realized it was something I really thought would be best for him, I had a few months to prepare. So, I found out that because of where his birthday falls, I don't have to send him to kindergarten. Hmmm. That meant I could keep him home and school him without too much work involved (as far as reporting and all that goes). I looked into it further to find out what would happen if I wanted him in public school next year. I was informed that more than likely he would be placed in 1st grade without any problems. On top of that, because of the fact that he is not 6 before Sept. 30, I did not have to turn in a curriculum and I won't have to test him at the end of the year....truly a free year. Okay, so now it was time to get down to business. After talking to a homeschooling friend, I decided on a curriculum!! I knew I didn't HAVE to have a curriculum, but I like structure, so went with it.

So, here is to first year homeschooling and Logan's first year of school.

I've taken some pictures of some of the things we've done so far and I'll try to get them posted tomorrow.


Tammy said...

3 cheers for homeschooling!
Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray!

What curriculum are you using?

Candi said...

Thanks, Tammy. It is going well so far.

We are using My Father's World. I really like it so far!

Melissa said...

Good luck candi!! I dont think I could do it, so now you have my admiration!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you have some creative and fun things going here. Good luck and have fun! I liked the handprint sun. I went to go find some paper to do it with my kids but don't have any yellow or orange left- maybe I'll have them color them instead...