Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Logan's Answer for the World's Mosquito Bites....

Poor Logan. It seems he took after me when it comes to the ability to attract mosquitoes like no one's business! However, he has more of a reaction than I ever have. I let the boys play in the sprinkler the other day and Logan managed to get a bite!

He has been bugging me for medicine ever since. Finally he had an idea!

Logan: Momma, I know how we can keep the mosquitoes from wanting to bite people. When you check your blood sugar, you can give the mosquitoes your test strips and they can drink the blood from the little straw.

Me: Interesting concept you have there, Logan.

Logan: Yeah! So you're really going to have to start testing your blood sugar more often.

So, I ask of you all, if you are a diabetic or know one, please pass this information on. Together, we can solve the world's mosquito bites!!! LOL!


Mommy Sprout said...

I will relay the message to my grandma (-: BTW, I'm taking your lead, and I have a blog now too. No Menu Plan Monday though, because I don't want everyone to see how much we frequent the fast food on base!

Teri said...

how adorable! I've got a preschool-ism in my blog today, too! :)

Tammy said...

FABULOUS information! :) I'll have to pass my used test strips over to Emily since she is the one to get mosquito bites in our family. :)

What a cutie he is!

Audra said...

He is so funny. I love what kids say. Thanks for sharing.