Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smart boy!!

Tonight Logan and I were talking. I've been lazy and STILL haven't taken down his "Happy Birthday" sign in the dining room. He kind of scolded me about them still being up because I told him I'd leave them up for a little while and it has been more than a little while. I told him that Daddy's birthday was coming up, so maybe we would just leave it up for Daddy. Well, Daddy's birthday is Nov. 2nd and mine is Nov. 3rd. Daddy told Logan that Momma's birthday is in one week. I asked Logan what he is going to get me for my birthday. He thought for a little bit and told me lotion. Then I asked him what he is going to get Daddy. Deodorant!! Smart boy....LOL!!


WHOW said...

Too cute! I was wondering if you recieved your gift card? I mailed it last Tuesday.

Audra said...

I love how kids think. I especially love it that you are recording it all in your blog.