Monday, February 15, 2010


This morning when I looked out my kitchen window, I saw a partially eaten apple sitting on my fence. With the amount of squirrels I've seen running around back there, I knew one must have sat it there. A few days ago we saw a squirrel frantically digging in our yard and then it must have given up hope in ever finding its supply of hidden nuts. Well, I thought I'd try tossing a few nuts out there for it. However, they all just sank into the snow. The next morning we woke and our yard had been torn apart. The squirrels had been digging, but obviously not all the way to the ground....I guess they found the nuts I tossed out after all.

Back to today...I was sitting at the table and my husband was looking out the kitchen window.

Husband: "There is a squirrel sitting on our fence eating a piece of toast."

Me: "Toast?"

Husband: "Yes, toast."

This I had to see. Not only did I have to see it, I had to take pictures. The little guy ate almost the entire piece before being discovered by other squirrels. He had only a small piece left when he took off up the tree to try to gobble the rest of it down before the others got to him.


Beth P. said...

That is kind of cute in its own way! Those squirrels will eat anything!

I have an award for you on my blog!

Beth P. said...
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Low Expectations said...

Aw! That squirrel wanted something other than nuts! How cute! Found your blog through Beth! Glad I did!