Friday, February 12, 2010

The fun part...

The fun part about all this snow, is that the boys have been able to go sledding. It is also nice that after putting in so much work to set up the sledding area, it gets to be used more than once! The bad thing is that with this much snow, we found you couldn't simply just take them to a hill and let them go. No. In order to get to the hill, we had to dig a trail out. These pictures were taken on our second trip to the sledding hill, after the second round of snow. Poor daddy got to dig it all twice!

Then we had to compress the snow and dig a trail to get back up the hill.

The boys waiting patiently. In case you are wondering, that is how Lucas smiles. For some reason he thinks blinking his eyes is smiling. :-)
Alright, everything is finally ready!
And they're off! Logan was cracking me up because he was trying to smile for the camera the whole way down the hill!

That was fun!
Up next....Lucas! When we got our big snow in December, we sent him down on his own and he wasn't that fond of it. He liked going, but insisted that he go down with me. This time, that wasn't the case. As soon as you sat him on the sled, he would start rocking forward trying to go!

Lucas was a bit panicked here....his boot fell off on his way down the hill.
A few more of my favorites from the day (from the near 100 that I took...LOL)....

Now that we're done sledding, anyone want to go play on the slides? Anyone?