Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bringing Out the Big Guns....

Snow. We've got.....lots of it! Our community pays a guy with a plow on the front of his truck to clear our road. However, his poor pickup and plow just couldn't keep up in this last round of snow. We had to bring out the big guns to take care of the snow this time around. Today was day number 3 of them clearing the roads, parking spots, and sidewalks with bob cats and a front loader. People were working frantically to uncover their cars and toss the snow out for the front loader to pick up and haul away. Once they got their car uncovered, they would move it and the front loader would clear thier sidewalk. Hmmm. Maybe I should have just waited 2 weeks to shovel and saved myself the trouble of tossing all that snow into a pile that was taller than me. Let me tell you, that was HARD work!!

Anyway, good neighbor that I am :-), I went out and helped a neighbor clear off their car so they could move it. Then I helped another neighbor shovel the snow off the sidewalk and his car and toss it into the parking area. His car isn't working (it is the one almost completely covered in snow in the picture below), so he couldn't just move it and have the front loader clear his sidewalk.

And just is another picture of the ice. This is running along our down spout on the back of our house.


Teri said...

this winter is killing me! And have you heard the Farmer's Almanac has called for the mother of all storms the first week of March??? Help us all!

Tammy said...

Hey there Candi! Will you email me at and remind me of your last name. I wanted to put your Greek lemon chicken soup recipe in with my recipes and wanted to write your name on it so I'd always remember where I got it from. And for the life of me I can't remember your last name! And I can't find your email address! LOL. So feel free to delete this post after you see it. ;)