Friday, October 30, 2009

Pinky Dinky Doo

On Tuesday, I was talking to a friend and out of no where, Lucas started screaming and crying. The cry told me hurt himself. He was maybe 4 feet away from me, but my back was turned and I didn't see what happened. My friend was facing towards him, but didn't see what happened either. He was standing near the coffee table and she said she thought he might have hit his head. I picked him up and was holding him out from me looking at his head. His little forehead was wrinkled up from crying, but I didn't see any indications that he hit his head. I had already asked him what he hurt, but he was crying so much he couldn't answer. It hurt so bad he was literally crawling up me. Finally he blurted out, "My foot, my foot". I looked at his foot and his "pinky toe" was red. He got a couple kisses on his foot and all seemed to be better.

When his daddy got home that night, I told him that Lucas hurt his foot. Lucas went to greet him and we noticed he was limping. I inspected his toe and it was swollen and starting to bruise. My husband thought I should call the doc even though we knew they couldn't do much if he happened to have a broken toe. I called the doctor the next morning and they said they wanted me to bring him in so they could take a look. The doctor felt all around his foot and Lucas didn't mind at all. When she started feeling of his toe, his eyes got big and he said, "Nooooooo. Don't touch it, don't touch it". The doc said she didn't feel anything obvious, but it was very likely that his toe was broken. As we already knew, they can't really do anything for a broken little toe. She said to keep an eye on him and that if he was still limping in a few days to take him and have it x-rayed.

That night, I went out alone and when I came home, my husband told me that the boys had been rough housing. The toe clearly was no longer slowing Lucas down. He had even cut it on who knows what and had a new bump on his head. He is certainly a clumsy one!

Logan insisted that Lucas did not have a broken toe, but Lucas would always correct him, "No. It's broken, it's broken". I had called his injured toe his pinky toe and he corrected me, "No. My pinky dinky doo toe!".

Here are a couple pictures of his "pinky dinky doo toe".

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Tammy said...

Poor little guy. Typical boy, though, not letting it slow him down. ;)