Thursday, July 2, 2009

Need Lasik Eye Surgery?

Well, head on out to your local mall!! Last night we were at the mall. My husband seems to have worn his black dress shoes a few too many times and needed new ones. He knew exactly what he wanted, so two malls later we had them in hand. It helped that he already owns the shoes in brown to know his size and that they are comfortable.

Anyway, we decided to eat at the mall. As we were walking to the food court, I heard my husband say to Logan, "What? That isn't Lasik eye surgery!". We had just walked past a kiosk similar to this one.

Have you seen them? They do eyebrow threading. It seems to be the new rage here because they have a kiosk in every mall.

Anyway, Logan saw the picture of the giant eye and figured it must be Lasik eye surgery! Can you imagine?? The guy sitting on the bench eating his dinner got a good laugh, too!


Felicity said...

That's too funny he is soooo cute:) Your doing a great Job Candie you should be proud!

The Gurnee's said...

Too funny!!!

Teri said...

LOL :) I love it! :)

TheAngelForever said...

Too funny! Kids really do say some of the best things. Have you ever tried threading? I did it once at a place that was not nearly as fancy as the one you showed. Ouch! I cried the entire time and told hubby (who watched the entire thing) that I would never do it again.