Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blast From the Past...

Before I started this blog, I would post things on my Myspace blog. I no longer post there, so thought I would move some old Logan funnies here. I'll include the date they were originally posted in parenthesis. Enjoy!

--(July 10th, 2006) Well, it would be a long story to post why we are at a hotel, but we are (D.C. area flooded...including our apt.). Shaine and Logan were in the whirlpool and I was holding Lucas. He was getting tired and cranky...wanting to eat and go to bed. Shaine said, "Lucas is so intense". To which Logan replied, "I am in tennis, too!!".

--(July 17th, 2006) Today Logan was getting into trouble for something (can't remember what). He said to me that he "could do whatever he wants". I said, "Oh yeah. Why is that?". "Cause I'm the Logan".

LOL....we have told him that he can't do something and when he asks why we say "Because I'm the Momma/Daddy". He sure does crack me up!!

--(July 22, 2006) Logan has a hard time saying his l's. So, Logan, comes out Wogan. Lucas Riley comes out Wucas get the picture. Well, I have taken to calling Lucas, Wucas Riwee when he is fussing. We were in the van and he began to fuss, "Wucas Riwee", I said. Logan sits for a minute and says, "Mom, I call him Lucas." I said, "Oh yeah, then what is your name?". "Wogan".

--(Sept. 20, 2006) The other day, Logan said something and I had no clue what it meant. Well, a couple of days ago I went to pick Shaine up from work. Logan said a funny and Shaine filled me in with the background.

Shaine told Logan that his life was like a paradise...all he had to do was play...his meals were made for him, etc...

You wanna know what Logan's reply was?????

"This paradise is killing me!!"

Oh my, where does he come up with this stuff??

--(Dec. 12, 2006) Mommy what does that sign say?

While running errands today, Logan spotted a sign like the one above and asked what it said. Now, you and I both know it means no left turn. I told him that and he begged to differ. According to Logan, it means "Do not bend over". He went on to say that it said not to bend over with your feet on the ground because it is dangerous!

I love seeing his little imagination at work!

--(April 27, 2007) I remember visiting my mom when I was a kid and her friends making fun of my Texan accent. They asked me to say "ice" and "bench" because they thought I was using foul language. Well.......I had a dose of that myself last weekend.

We had tried to go to the DC zoo, but by the time we got there, the parking lots were full. We headed out of DC and stopped in Arlington to eat lunch. It was a gorgeous day out! We were walking along and Logan felt of a bench. It was metal, so it was warmed from the sun shining on it. We went inside a restaurant and ate our lunch. Near the end, Logan said something about benches. Well, I knew he didn't say the "b-word", but it really sounded like it. He then went on to talk about how they were "hot benches" really loudly. I couldn't help it. I had to laugh. I was trying to make him talk quietly because I knew if I thought he was saying hot b****es others would as well. Somehow it was just too funny for me!!

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Teri said...

Those are all hilarious, Candi! I particularly liked "Do not bend over!" LOL :)