Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Bear...

Today Shaine, Lucas and I were sitting on the love seat. Lucas started saying, "Momma Lukey's baby". Since he was little (like he isn't now...LOL!), I've called him Lukey. He loves his knick name, too. I told him, "No, momma isn't Lukey's baby. Lukey is momma's baby".

Shaine likes to give Lucas a hard time about his knick name. Lucas likes to be called Lukey. If he says that Lukey is the baby and you say back, "Lucas is the baby" he won't have it. "No. Lukey the baby." Shaine will say, "Lucas is daddy's baby". "No, Lukey daddy's baby". This could really go on all night. Well, I do like to make sure that Lucas knows that his name really is Lucas. So, I said, "What is your name?". He didn't say anything, so I said, "Is your name Riley?". Riley is his middle name. Typically he will say, "My name is Lucas Riley Carson". Today, however, when I said, "What is your name?", he sat for a moment and thought about it. "My name is Little Bear".

Yes, yes. I think I see the similarities!


Teri said...

Silly Lukey (I mean Little Bear!)

Tammy said...

Little Bear, lol. ;)

I used to call Kayla (her name is Kayla Janell) "Kayla Janelly Bean." One day when she was about 4 years old or so, someone asked her what her middle name was and she said, "Janelly Bean." She had NO CLUE Janell was her middle name...she truly thought it was Janelly Bean.