Friday, July 24, 2009

Homeschooling Cabinet.....

I had said a while back that I spent 6 hours on a Saturday cleaning out and organizing the homeschooling cabinet.

Well a friend posted about her new book shelf, so I was inspired to finally pull out my camera and take pictures of my organized cabinet. After going through it, I discovered that I had purchased a few books twice and that I have enough school supplies for this year from my stock pile for last year. Um. I might have gone slightly overboard!! It is just so hard for me to pass up a good deal. Because of this, I have not gone to any of the back to school sales this year.

The cabinet is currently in Logan's room turned against one end of his bunkbed. The room is pretty narrow and long, so I had to stand in the hallway to take the picture of the whole cabinet and in the closet to take the pictures of the inside....LOL!

The top shelf on the left holds our new curriculum and other various things I plan to use this year. The plastic bin holds workbooks and such that we have been working on through the summer. The bag on top is the canvas book bag that my sister made me. It says, "Home School....There is no substitute". I love it! The little white basket has shaving cream, salt, and a silicone baking pan for Logan to use with the salt and shaving cream to practice letters in (we used that last year). On the far right is our kindergarten curriculum, a notebook of games I used last year, and Logan's school work from last year.

The next shelf holds our construction paper, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. The bin in the middle holds more books and notebooks that I purchased to use this school year. They are either ones that came with the curriculum or ones that I will use to supplement it, my Bible and our devotionals. There are also flash cards, glue sticks, rubber bands, paper clips, highlighters, pencils, watercolors, finger paints, and more.
The bottom portion of the cabinet holds crafts, an ant farm, lots of manipulatives, letter bingo, and other various games. There are also a few things that I will use for preschool with Lucas next year. He is 3.5 this year, so I won't be doing anything too structured with him. On the far right is a Master Disaster kit that I picked up at a book sale. It has some great stuff about teaching kids what to do in disasters that I thought I could use.

The very bottom has books that are too large for the bookshelves, Logan's Pixter, Leapster, Gameboy and all the games that go with them. The plastic bins that are stacked on the right have wooden toys like lacing beads, small puzzle, and wooden clock. Under that is some Color Wonder stuff and the bottom one is all coloring books.

Before I organized the cabinet, the bottom portion was filled with all of our board games. I moved those to the top of Logan's closet.

I also keep all of the books in Logan's room. The book shelves are cheapy ones from Target and if you look closely in the picture, you can see that the shelves are starting to bow. I'm on the lookout for nicer bookshelves, but I want them to be similar in size to these. The shelf on the left has various books, while the shelf on the right are books that I can incorporate with our curriculum. I purchased a great set of books before I even knew I was going to homeschool.

Eventually, I hope to have our basement room finished and move the homeschooling cabinet and books down there. However, I don't know if I'll be able to convince my husband to move that cabinet again. The thing is massive (and HEAVY!!) and was NOT fun to get up the stairs. It would have to go down two sets of stairs to get to the basement. I'm trying to convince him that going down the stairs would be easier than going up! So far, he isn't buying it.


Lily said...

LOL I wouldn't believe you, either, on down the stairs vs up the stairs.

I want that exact kind of cabinet for art supplies and board games. In fact, it's on my list of things to buy this year.

Miri said...

oooh what a gorgeous art cabinet, absolutely perfect!
i also need a BIG wooden chest for all our games.
thank you for the inspiration!