Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More CVS deals!!

We don't keep cans of soda at home, but hubby likes to take the to work. Problem is, he rides a combination of the bus/subway to get to work and doesn't want to carry them. So, today I had an appt. in the town he works in, so I called to see if he wanted me to bring anything to him and he said he was out of soda. Now, when I say soda, I should say Mt. Dew. So, I went to Giant thinking it might be on sale, but it wasn't....it was $5.29 for a 12 pack. Well, I knew it was on sale 4/$12 at CVS plus $3 ECB back!! Lucky for me, CVS was right across the street from Giant. So I head on over. As soon as I went in, I scanned my card at the little scanner and a $2 ECB printed. I already had a $9.99 one and a $3.49 one. So, I used the $9.99 one along with the $2 and I payed a whopping PENNY for four 12 packs of mountain dew...and got the $3 back!! Yippee!!!

Add to that----I got a new prescription at my doctor's appt. today. I had a coupon to get a $25 gift card with a new prescription. Now, I know the real thing is for that to cover your co-pay. It has been years since I have taken this med and my insurance had changed, so I had no clue what the co-pay would be. Guess what it was?? NOTHING!!! I paid nothing out of pocket and got the $25 gift card---can't beat that!!


Randall said...

Congratulations on a wonderful shopping day. Sounds like you scored.

Audra said...

I can't believe you get so much for your money. I mean FREE! What a deal; I can't wait to hear what you find next.