Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do you see anything wrong here?

It turns out that the issues I was having with my laptop (which I didn't blog about, but did post on FB about) were all because of my battery. This isn't the first time this has happened. Several months ago, I noticed that I couldn't click on my mouse button. I thought something was stuck under it and I took the battery out to look things over. Well, turns out I could click just fine with the battery out. I wasn't sure why at first, but soon my battery started to swell and I knew that was the issue. I took it in to Apple and they gave me a new battery. Thing is, my husband took over that new battery. So, his battery that was now my battery has started causing me issues.

It started out that my laptop would get down to about 25% power and would just shut down with no warning. This happened in the past and I had to have my logic board replaced. I thought the same thing was happening and backed up all my things just in case. I now know this was a battery issue because when I took the newer battery away from my husband it stopped shutting down and gave me the typical warning around 10%. Well, then I couldn't click on my mouse and I took my battery out to inspect it. Sure enough, it was beginning to swell. Well, it was so bad that I left it out because I couldn't even use my laptop with it in. So, when I pulled it out of the drawer to look at something today, above is what I found!

Now, I am not the first to have this issue. The last time I called in to Apple about it, they gave me a hard time, saying that the battery had a high cycle count and needed to be replaced. I get that the battery is a consumable product and wears out, needing to be replaced. But, honestly, is it normal for them to swell up and bust open?? I think not!