Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I recently found a Super Sounds View Master at the thrift store for 90 cents. Pretty awesome deal, so I grabbed it for the boys. They love their regular view masters, so I figured they would like this one as well.

Love it, indeed! Lucas loves it so much that he took the dinosaur reel out and climbed up onto the entertainment center and tried inserting it into the PS3. When I snatched the reel from him and told him that doesn't go in there, he wailed, "I wanna watch blu-ray!". Hmmm. For some reason I don't think that would be able to eject!

Speaking of climbing on the entertainment center, Lucas loves to do it. The child is a monkey and loves to climb. This is something that Logan didn't do much of at 3.5. He would have never thought to climb onto the entertainment center, but we often find Lucas sitting on ours watching tv. There are hand prints all over it! So far I have not been able to convince him to stay down.