Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...

I am so excited to have my kitchen back! I made do in the basement cooking in a microwave, crockpot, and electric skillet for a few months. Then we got one wall of cabinets and counter tops installed that had the sink, dishwasher, and stove. I made due with using that in my unfinished kitchen for a few months. Now, I am so happy to be cooking in my mostly finished kitchen!! Not only was a I making do without my kitchen, I didn't get my kitchen supplies unpacked until recently, so I was severely limited in what I could cook. Now that everything is unpacked I am so happy and it is time to get back to menu planning!

*=new recipe

Monday--pasta (I'm using basil chicken patties from Costco and adding 1/2 cup chicken broth), garlic bread, salad

Tuesday--lemon butter chicken, lemon pasta*, honey mustard acorn squash (Maybe??)----> We are going into DC for the Christmas Carol Train Tour and not sure when we'll be home.

Wednesday--roast (this recipe calls for steak, but I'm using a roast) with potatoes and carrots

Thursday--falafel sandwiches on chapati bread with hummus, tzatziki, lettuce, and tomatoes (I had been buying some frozen falafel at Wegmans, but they stopped carrying it. I am trying a mix this time around. If it isn't good, I'll try homemade next time.)

Friday--pan fried fish*, glazed carrots, roasted potato wedges

Saturday and Sunday--leftovers


Rona's Home Page said...

Congratulations on your kitchen remodel. We have a friend who's in that business. He says lots of people are deciding on having their kitchens done instead of purchasing a home.
You have some terrific recipes this week.
I love MPM. I get so much inspiration from the participants.

Zonnah said...

The falafel sandwiches sounds really good.