Thursday, September 10, 2009


Recently we took the boys to Toys R Us. Lucas is really into Yo Gabba Gabba. I must admit that I think the show is rather annoying, but I don't think their target audience is a 30 year old mom!

Lucas spotted lots of toys he wanted, but decided on walkie talkies.

I wasn't sure about them, but that is what he wanted. He doesn't understand that he has to PRESS and HOLD the button to talk on it. He either doesn't press the button at all, or presses it briefly and then talks into it.

Well, the creepy thing is, we live close enough to the interstate that we can pick up truckers on their CB radios. They obviously don't hear us, but we hear them. The night we bought them, the boys wanted to use them right away. Before we even left the Toys R Us parking lot, we opened them up and put batteries in them. Toys R Us is right next to the interstate, and we heard the truckers then. I never thought we'd hear them at our house, too.

Hubby and I were working in the kitchen when we heard Logan carrying on a conversation. We listened more closely and heard a strange voice. We came out to find Logan "talking" to a trucker. He could hear what the guy was saying and pretending to talk to him. At first I was a bit worried that the guy could actually hear Logan, but thankfully he didn't. It is still rather creepy, though. I'm tempted to return the toy because my boys can't even play with them without risk of picking up some truckers' conversations.


Anonymous said...

First, I will comment on your post..Our boys love Yo Gabba Gabba and it also creeps me out. We also bought walkie talkies and have the same issue. We don't like near an interstate but we still pick up some crazy stuff.

The reason I asked about church is because I work for the largest church in Northern Virginia. Now I know there are hundreds even thousands in the area but thought I would see if you attended the same church I work in. 10 points if you know which one I am talking about. :)

We love it hear. I originally didnt and did not want to raise a family here but it has grown on me and there is ALWAYS something to do.

TheAngelForever said...

Yo Gabba Gabba frightens me as well. Of course, I think the boys must know this since they seem to enjoy it.

I would definitely take those walkie talkies back. Kids hear enough and do not need to get new colorful things from picking up truckers on their trips.