Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day gift...

My mother in law called on Saturday and she asked if there was anything special planned for Mother's Day. I told her there was not, but it was looking like I would have a sink, dishwasher, and stove installed! She said that was a pretty nice present, and I couldn't agree more.

You know, I never realized how much I love having a kitchen sink. Yes, I missed the dishwasher and the stove, but I missed the sink the most. It didn't take me too long to realize that after bending over to wash dishes in dish pans in the tub. You see, I could cook just fine in the electric skillet and crock pot, but I dreaded having to tote the dirty dishes up 2 flights of stairs to bend over a tub and wash them. I bought plastic cups and utensils and paper plates to cut down on what I had to wash, but there were still a few dishes to wash. I decided that having a dishwasher is very nice, but to just have a kitchen sink to rinse dishes off and stand rather than bend to wash dishes is a MUST HAVE!!

So, my sweet husband stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to get my sink, dishwasher and stove installed. I'm very happy to report that I now have a functional kitchen. I think we've finally got the hard part behind us and it should be down hill now! We still have a little more wall to paint and then we just have to sand, prime, paint, and hang the rest of the cabinets. Oh, we do have to cut counter top for one more section, but now that we've done it once, we know how and it won't be too hard.

Here are a few pictures of where we are now. I know they don't look too much different than the last ones, but our sink is in and everything is hooked up and working with no leaks!

We also still have to put some end pieces on the counter top that will hide the little gaps between them and the wall. Even though the counter tops were cut straight, there is nothing square in this house. We gave up on trying to make things fit in perfectly and just bought end splashes (just like back splashes, but on the ends). All in all, I'm very happy with how it is coming along. I haven't added up our out of pocket yet, but I think it isn't too bad considering all that has been done in there.


Christi said...

Oh, Candi - YAY!! It looks great - I know you are so happy, & I'm happy for you.

Happy (belated) Mother's Day, my sweet friend. You mean more to me than you will possibly ever know.

Love you!

Tammy said...

I am THRILLED for you. What a lovely gift and gesture for your husband to stay up and get the sink in. Happy Mother's Day, Candi!

Audra said...

Fabulous! It looks incredible and I am so happy for you to have some normalcy back.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!! It looks great and I know you have been blessed with a wonderfull husband and life! You are so special. Bob and Carla were here for awhile last night and they were so pleased with your kitchen and the wonderful things you have all done!! They really bragged about the progress you have made and the wonderful new kitchen you have.We are all so happy for you and yours. Ce

Milk Mama said...

The house is still under construction! It looks great! :D
Happy belated Mother's Day to you!!!