Friday, April 4, 2008


After a year of living in our home and dealing with our crappy bathrooms, we finally started the remodeling process!! Actually, the bulk of the work is done!

I would have never shared pics of my bathroom on here if I couldn't show you the after pictures. I HATED my bathrooms. Truthfully, I could deal with ugly bathrooms, but they weren't just ugly---they had issues. As we tore them out, we discovered the issues were more than we realized. We literally took everything out. The half bath wasn't as bad, but the full bath had a large portion of the subfloor removed. Once we pulled the tub out, we realized we were pretty lucky we hadn't fallen through the floor!! There had been a leak, so we knew the floor was in bad shape, but with the tub out, we saw that the beam that was supposed to support the tub had actually been CUT!! So, while the price of the remodel is a bit hard to swallow, I now realize it was even more necessary than we first thought!!

We are painting them ourselves and have not decided on a paint color. We still need to contact an electrician to install outlets and our new lights. In the half bath, we plan on putting a wall cabinet over the toilet for storage and just a mirror over the sink. I'm not sure what we will do in the full bath yet. So, here are some pics of the progress so far.....

Half bath before:

Half bath after:

They are coming on Monday to move the pipe up coming out of the wall, so the white pipe will no longer be there!!

Here are some before shots of the full bath. They started tearing things out sooner than I thought they would, so I didn't get any good shots of the tub. These pics were taken when we first moved in and I was trying to disguise the ugliness. The tub, sink, and toilet were all a light peachy, pink color (which you can't really tell in the pictures)!! And there was CARPET in both bathrooms!!

All torn up--
Before repair:

After repair:

Looking better!!

We chose to use this recessed shelf for storage in there. Looking at pics online, it was hard to see how it would look, but I'm really happy with it!!


Milk Mama said...

Wow! That looks awesome! The difference is like night and day! I like that shelf in the bathroom and I really love the tiles in the new bathrooms, too! Awesome! :D

Christi said...

I LOVE how the bathrooms turned out! I know you are so happy to have it done.

Anonymous said...

They look great Candi!

Anonymous said...

Check out Great recessed cabinets that creat space between the studs. I installed 3 of them in my house (Cue rack, Wine cabinet and a tall boy bath cabinet)
They come with a high tack adhesive and the trim covers up the cut out in the drywall so you will not need to touch up the paint.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candi! This is Skyla. I think that your bathrooms are a vast improvement...from a summer of love peachy pink tub to earthy tile, elegant and rich wood finishes, pristine white porcelain, and sleek new brushed nickel hardware. The only things missing now are the easiest to remedy-paint color, lighting, mirrors, and some coordinating towels for that over toilet cabinet. As for the paint, I would take a tile to Home Depot or Lowe's and try to pick up colors based on hues in the tile. Since the bathroom is not a huge room you can always take that color and go a few shades lighter to keep it feeling airy.