Friday, November 30, 2007

How I met my husband....

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This week's Flaunt it Friday is about how we met our spouse. Strangely enough, I also met my husband on the internet. I was only 17 (and he was 21) and we had recently moved from TX to CA. I was short on friends and found myself looking on the internet to find one. I ventured into a chat room called "northern CA" on AOL and the rest is history. We had so much in common and talked for hours every night. That first night that we met online was Dec. 8, 1996!!! Hard for me to believe it was almost 11 years ago!! We chatted online and on the phone for a while and then he came down to meet me. I had to beg my dad to allow it, and he finally did so that he knew I wouldn't sneak off to meet him....and I would have, too. He came down in January to meet me for the first time. Man, did I have butterflies in my stomach!! We traveled often to see each other and then that summer I went to FL to visit my sister. When I returned home, he was there to meet me and he never went back home. Since I was 17 still, he moved to me. I turned 18 on Nov. 3rd and on Nov. 11th, I signed a lease and moved in with him. We married on June 4th, 2000. So, 7+ married years and two babies later, we, too, have beat the odds!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Candi! Another Internet marriage. I love it. You two were so in love and certainly have beaten the odds being married so young and lasting so long!!!!

Thanks so much for participating! Hope you'll keep it up.

Sorry I forgot to post the autolinky. I was so into posting my wedding photos. I added your name as the first on the list for you... after all, you were the first!!!

BTW I love your photo. You both look so happy.

Wendy said...

What a nice story! The internet has brought some amazing couples and friends together. Some of my very best friends I met through blogging:)

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing. It amazes me how many people have met and married from the internet! It is really neat.

Thanks fr sharing.

I will have mine up soon!

DanaB said...

Great story, thanks for sharing :)

I love looking at your pics--great shots!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Tiff said...

I met my hubby in an AOL chat room too!!! So cool! Read my story!

Sher :) said...

17 ~ Wow! Congratulations!! I love the story.

Penny said...

That is so nice! :) Love reading these stories.

Me said...

Awww that's such a sweet story!! :)