Friday, November 9, 2007

The Cat is Out of the Bag....

TheMommyKelly at Taken with a Grain of Salt has come up with a new meme called Flaunt it Fridays. Today's theme is Let the Cat out of the Bag. She has challenged us to show the contents of our bag. My bag is always so full. It seems no matter how often I clean it, it is still full. I just don't know what I could get rid of. I'm not a small purse girl by any means!!

Starting at the top and moving right...

  1. The little black case is my diabetic testing supplies.
  2. Then there is my purse....I LOVE it!!
  3. a couple packs of Kleenex
  4. my empty gift card that I won!!
  5. Misc. receipts and trash (used Kleenex..NICE, old shopping lists)
  6. a prescription that needs to be filled
  7. Misc. evelopes (checks, county personal property bill with new decal that I need to apply)
  8. my supply of various mints and gum
  9. hand sanitizer and lotion
  10. my Longaberger measuring tape from my sister
  11. pens
  12. nail files
  13. bag of stuff (brush, lip gloss, Carmex, tweezers, mirror)
  14. wallet
  15. Rolodex....this is actually to hold business cards, but I use it to hold my never ending supply of club cards, health ins. cards, and a few business cards. I LOVE it!!
  16. check book
  17. my son's wallet (he is 5)
  18. a box of crayons
  19. a few coupons
  20. my Miss Army knife....I LOVE this, too!!

Here is an inside picture of my Rolodex....

See, I told you I have a lot of stuff!! Alright...I really did need an excuse to clean my purse out...AGAIN!!


Lisa said...

that's a pretty purse!

Donna said...

That is a lot of stuff=)

I like those purses, I could find a lot more stuff to put in a big purse!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sneakers Girl said...

I agree. If I had a bigger purse, I'd carry more around. My husband thinks I need a backpack because I'm constantly struggling with my diaper bag AND shoulder bag! You've got a crazy list too!

Ana said...

OMGoossh! That is a whole LOT of stuff! :D That why me and big purses don't get along. Too much room to put lot stuff in it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tiff said...

I love your purse!! You have a ton of stuff in there!!!

Anonymous said...

You've got me beat, hands down, for purse contents! The Rolodex is the best idea ever - but I couldn't make it out in the picture.

Thanks so much for playing. This has been alot of fun.

Wendy said...

I think it's almost time for me to get a bigger purse like yours:) That is a lot of stuff, but all necessities!! Right?

Me said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your purse!!


Anonymous said...

Love the rolodex. I really need one of those! Staples will now have to be on my Saturday shopping list!

Chrissy said...

That is an awful lot of stuff to haul. Just curious, why the multiple packs of Kleenex? And how often does your son use his wallet?

My son wants one, too, but it's tough to find one that holds the 200 pennies he wants to go to the store with.

Candi said...

Hi Chrissy.

Well, one of the packs of Kleenex is almost empty and the other has never been open. I put the new one in there thinking I would need it soon, but strangely I don't think I've used the Kleenex in my purse in a month or more.

I don't typically carry my son's wallet. He still has a little bit of birthday money in it and it is still in my purse from last weekend when we went to the mall. Funny about the pennies...even though my son's wallet has a spot for change, he won't keep any in it. He thinks that all change belongs in the piggy bank!!

Christi said...

Now Candi - you have used tissues in your bag?! LOL

You are brave - mine is usually full of way more trash than that. Don't think I'd be willing to share!

Candi said...

What can I say....both boys have yucky colds. I don't remember putting it in there, but if I am out and there isn't a trash can around, I've been known to use my purse as one.

Denise said...

I love your purse! I've always wanted one of those. I'm a purse hoarder! I also adore your rolodex! I so need one of those! HMMM... note to self ask for one for christmas!

Penny said...

What a beautiful bag!

Amanda said...

oh fun stuff. thanks for stopping by

Audra said...

Okay, I knew you had a lot of stuff in your purse, but I have never seen your 'miss army knife'. I want one! Too cute.