Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lucas' test results.....

I don't have a whole lot of news, but it seems they are not worried too much by the results of the latest round of tests. The urine is still pending, though. The LPN had originally told me that he was anemic, but that some other numbers on his blood work made them believe it wasn't an iron defeciency anemia. However, today that is what she told me...that he has an iron defeciency. I go in next week to discuss the results more in depth and do a weight check. So....it seems all is well with my LITTLE Lucas (well, nothing major wrong anyway)!!


Audra said...

What a blessing! I'm sure that is a huge relief. When you think everything is normal and then someone tells you it might not be, that kind of makes you come to a screeching halt. I am so glad that all in well in the Carson household. Love ya, Aud

Leeann said...

Great news! Glad all is well.