Friday, September 21, 2007

18th Century Craft Fair....

WARNING: This post is VERY graphic heavy!!

On Saturday (9-15) we went to Mt. Vernon and they were having an 18th century craft fair. It was lots of fun! The sightseeing boat tour was free, so we did that and Logan really loved it. We purchased the annual passes, so we will go back often. Lucas loved being able to run and play. I think he loved the rope fences the most!! Here are some pictures from our day!!

Stained glass window in the education center

The boys in the new stroller

Not the best picture, but it was the only one I got :-(

Lucas was so SLEEPY!

Logan wasn't too sure about the sugar glider

Don't say I didn't warn you. Trust me, I have a lot more photos, but these were some of my favorites :)!!


mamaerica said...

Wow! What fun! Is the Education Center new? We didn't see it on our trip in 2001. I loved Mt Vernon. Probably my favorite place we visited in all of the DC area (of course, there's a lot we DIDN'T see). I was just fascinated to learn about Washington, who really just wanted to be a gentleman farmer. He sacrificed part of that dream because the nation needed him. He truly was brilliant! And, I'd bet, a wonderful person to chat with.

Candi said...

Yes, the education center is new. It wasn't open yet in April 2006. I think it opened not too long after that, though.

I really love going to Mt. Vernon and the annual passes are an awesome deal ($18...only $5 more than the day pass!!), so now we can go back as often as we want. I think we are about 10 miles from there, so not a bad drive either. I'm thinking it would be a great place to go during the week when it shouldn't be as crowded.

We've lived in the D.C. area since 2002 and there is still LOTS of stuff we haven't seen. We are trying to branch out some, though.

Christi said...

I love the pictures - I'm so glad you posted them. My favorite/s are the one of Lucas alone, where he's kinda leaning to the side, and the one of all 3 of them crossing the bridge.

Candi said...

Thanks! Lucas is teething and has had a nasty snotty nose and after I got that great shot of him, I noticed I needed to clean his nose. I did and got another good shot, but this one was still my favorite, so I decided to post it....snotty nose and all!!

The one of them crossing the bridge I took because I have one of Logan (when he was about 14 months old)
and Shaine crossing a bridge together and I loved it. When I saw this bridge I HAD to take a picture of all of them!!

Audra said...

I loved the pictures. They remind me of our visit. It makes me want to go back and look at my pictures again. Love ya, Aud