Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things that make me go hmmmm...

I've been trying forever to get Lucas to drink from a sippy cup. I thought I'd never wean him because he refused to drink from anything but me. I mean, he'd take a few sips of something, but that was it...certainly not enough to stay hydrated. Well, apparently all I need to do to make him like a sippy cup was give him one like his brother's. I guess he was afraid Logan might be getting something better than him. I gave him a drink from his brother's cup and he went to town. Who knew?

Another thing....he loves Fruity Cheerios. However, don't dare give him broken ones...they'll get tossed on the floor!! I guess he and my cat have something in common. They don't like to eat small pieces of food. Molly will meow and carry on like she is out of food and you will go down to see only small pieces in her bowl. She won't eat them. I mean, don't the small pieces taste the same...LOL!!

Here is Lucas enjoying his Cheerios...don't mind the piece on his nose!

And something Logan said that had me scratching my head....He kept talking about a stachio (rhymes with pistachio). I could NOT figure out what he was talking about. The other day Molly (the cat) was under the end table and Logan was leaned over looking at her. He kept saying, "A kitty stachio, a kitty stachio". Huh?? Oh....you mean a kitty statue!!


runningtothecross said...

I love the pictures on your blog! I need to post more myself but have little time to do so.

I have noticed with my children that sometimes you just have to make them drink out of a sippy cup...I did this by not giving them anything else. They got thirsty enough and drank out of it!!! However, they do like swiping each others' cups and drinking out of them. It must be a novelty to them to drink out of each others' cups!!! (or have the same cup as big brother or sister).

Have a great day!
Beautiful family!

Christi said...

So you finally figured out what stachio means!

And glad you finally got Lucas to drink from the sippy!