Thursday, August 6, 2009


Lucas is obsessed with babies. All kids are babies in his eyes. It doesn't matter if they are 10 months old or 10 years old. Recently at the park, a couple of little girls (about 8 years old or so) approached him. "Aw. He is so cute", they said as they reached out and touched his head. "Baby! Baby, Momma!", Lucas exclaimed. They looked at me and I told them that he thinks all kids are babies. They laughed. At Kohl's recently, some little girls, again about 8 or so, were pushing each other in the store strollers. As they strolled past, Lucas exclaimed, "Baby! Baby, Momma!". They laughed!

So, it should come as no surprise that on a recent trip to Borders Lucas chose this book as the one he wanted.

I tried to convince him to get a different book. I even found a kid book about babies, but cartoon drawings of babies just aren't the same. He wasn't having it. He found the book he wanted and nothing would change his mind!

He gives the baby on the pages hugs and kisses. I told Shaine it is probably a good thing we don't have a baby in this house. It might get loved to death! Lucas sits the book on the coffee table and turns the pages and exclaims, "Baby! Baby, Momma!", with every turn of the page. That is, until he turned the page and found a cute little baby on page 86 that has a cute little Elmo sitting next to her. "Elmo! Elmo, Momma!".


Teri said...

That's so adorable! :)

PS - I'll send out the lessons to you once I finish all 15 of them (I have 5 done right now!)

Miri said...

oh it is so sweet though, isn't it? children get obsessed with the weirdest things!
my little george is in love with a stethoscope.. :D