Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's out!!

Yesterday, Logan and I finished up Kindergarten. We would have finished sooner, but I was sick, then Lucas, and now Logan. Perfect way to start the summer, right?

My plans to document the school year didn't go exactly as planned. It was way more time consuming than I imagined. What I can say, is that I am amazed at how far Logan has come! I am also amazed that I taught him how to read. Me!! It wasn't always easy, though. Logan really struggled with blending more than two letters together. I really thought I was going to pull my hair out and questioned if I could really do this. I talked to a great friend (private school teacher turned homeschooling momma), and she assured me that his struggles were normal. Once I backed off, he got it! I realized that the more I pushed, the more he shut down. I could tell the skills were there, but he didn't believe he could do it. Once I stopped putting pressure on him, he got it.

I remember the first night that he read one of his short stories to me at a decent pace (without having to stop and sound everything out). I showed him my excitement and we gave each other a high five. It is a moment I will not forget. He was so excited and I must say I was, too!

I would say that Kindergarten was a success. So much so that I already have my first grade curriculum purchased. Yes...that is right, we are continuing the homeschooling journey! Seeing the light bulb turn on when Logan picks up a new skill is something I don't want to miss out on. I'm not sure where this journey will take us, or how long we will be on it, but I'm excited!

This picture was taken early on and I still love it!


Tammy said...

Teaching my kids to read has to be in my top ten mothering moments. Truly.

I'm so glad you are going to continue with home education! :)

Christi said...

It has been a great year, hasn't it? I remember that experiment from the very beginning. Yay for Logan (& Mama) for learning to read!