Saturday, June 13, 2009

I feel like an idiot!!

Today I headed out for some me time. I haven't lost any more weight, yet somehow my clothes are falling off of me. I just can't bring myself to spend much, so I went to the thrift store on Friday. I didn't get to look long and had both boys with me. So, today I headed there again without the boys. I looked at my leisure, had some nice chats with other women shopping, and found some great deals. I got 8 shirts for about $45....all name brand, nice shirts. Three of them are Lands End polo shirts (my favorite type of shirt). I also found a bed safety rail so that I can move Lucas into a twin bed (brand new, never used) for $3. I found an ant colony unused for $4, and some other fun things. Sounds like the ideal night, right?

Well, while there, my husband called me several times telling me things we needed for the kitchen remodel. So, I headed to Home Depot when I was done shopping. As I was approaching the shopping cards, I tripped on something and took a nose dive. At first I kind of made an "oops" noise because I realized I stumbled, but I quickly realized it was more than a stumble and I wasn't going to recover. I ended up on the ground completely stretched out face only a few inches from the ground. The impact was so hard that I rocked up and forward onto my hands. It all seemed to go in slow motion. I sat up and looked around and at the same time heard a woman gasp and head towards me. I literally had a "what the h*ll just happened" moment. As I looked around, I was trying to see what tripped me up. All I could see was a rock, which I think I stepped on. I got up and the woman who was heading towards me asked if I was alright. I think once she realized I didn't faint or something, she stopped coming towards me. I assured her I was alright, only I wasn't sure if I was. She asked again and I said I scraped my knees up, but I'm alright. She said something about hurting my pride. I'll admit that I was a bit embarrassed, but more so I was just trying to figure out what happened. I should have headed to my van and said forget it, but I got my cart and headed in to do my shopping.

I got inside and that is when I felt the burning in my knee. I thought I was bleeding and headed to the bathroom. There was no blood, but my knee was a lovely shade of red/purple. My right hand and knee took the brunt of the fall and are scrapped up worse than my left hand/knee. I cleaned myself up and headed out to do my shopping. I finished up and made it out to the van. As I bent my leg to get into the van, I realized that I hurt my knee worse than I thought. I drove home and once I was home, the tears started to flow as I told my husband what happened.

I'll be keeping an eye on it. I'm hoping to be able to hold off on going to the doc until Monday. I just hate to spend $100 to go to the ER. My knee is numb in some places. Not completely numb...I can feel myself touching it, but it feels very weird. It is pretty swollen, too. I'm sure tomorrow it will only be worse. I've taken some Motrin and hoping that helps. My right hand is scraped and has a bruise that showed up almost immediately. I just feel like an idiot. I'm sure I looked like one, too.


Teri said...

Gosh, Candi! I know you hate to spend the money but it really sounds like you took a hard fall! I would hate to see it get worse! Make sure you keep it elevated w/ ice and get to the ER tomorrow if you can...(((HUGS)))

Tammy said...

Oh Candi, keep a close eye on it. I hope you feel better soon...


Christi said...

Oh, Candi! I sure hope it's feeling some better today!