Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day....

Yesterday was Logan's end of season t-ball party. I was talking to another mom there who has 3 boys. I said, "Boys are so much fun". She told me that she loves having boys. I totally agree. I told her that I was very much a daddy's girl and I love having a couple of momma's boys!

Daddy's girl, indeed. I have so many memories from my childhood with my dad. Let's see. How about the time we were driving around Nanny and Pa's farm late one night because I couldn't sleep. I saw my first porcupine! Then there is the time in 3rd grade (or so) that I got sick at school. My dad picked me up and took me to the store to get a 7-Up. He still had some work to do, so I rode around with him while he finished it up. One task he had to complete was putting the star on the Christmas tree at the courthouse in town. Lucky me! I got to take a ride up in the bucket with him to help put the star on! I remember going hunting with him and his truck broke down in the middle of nowhere. We walked to the nearest sub-station and called Nanny and Pa to pick us up. Along the way, we saw a skunk and I was afraid one was going to run out and spray me...LOL! Oh and the cookies. Let's not forget the cookies. He certainly made his fair share of cookies.....all without the help of a fancy mixer! He would always let us help, too. He would put the flour, salt, and baking soda in a container and let me shake it up. I remember that one time he gave it to me to shake and the lid wasn't on good. When I shook it, the lid flew off and the flour coated the kitchen.

I have so many memories. My dad was always there. He did all the birthdays, all the Brownies and Girl Scout events, all the school events.... I remember when I met my husband my dad was having a bit of a hard time with it. We went out to dinner, just the two of us, to talk about it. He finally admitted that I was his baby and it was hard to believe that I was growing up. He came to visit when Lucas was born and kept Logan while I was at the hospital. He carried on the cookie tradition and had Logan in the kitchen helping him out.

Logan took a look to see if he could fill Pa-Bob's boots!

Grown up or not, I'm still a daddy's girl. I always will be. I love you, Dad!

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Anonymous said...

So wonderful! You always will be a Daddy's girl, just like I was always my Daddy's girl. There is something very special about all of that. Now I have 2 Great grand-sons with me. They are definitely Cece's boys. It is so special. I really love doing things with them. Of course they are Poppy's boys too!