Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hadn't originally planned to do anything special today. However, last night I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things and decided I'd get something for the boys. I looked at the Valentine's candy and it was pretty picked over. I didn't really see anything I wanted to get them. Then, I saw these....

I decided that since they were milk chocolate (not semi-sweet), they'd be perfect bite-sized treats for the boys. Even better was the fact that they were on sale for 75 CENTS!! My, those things are regular over $4!! I won't tell you how many I bought...LOL!! So much for using up some of my baking supplies last weekend!!

So, I had all these little candies, but how was I going to package them. I had originally planned on putting them in foil muffin cups and then just putting them in a ziploc bag. However, my husband came up with a better idea. We were both trying to think if we had any small containers, when he remembered that we had lots of little metal tins. We purchase tea from Adagio (super yummy tea there, by the way--thanks Erica and Tina!!) and they send their samples in these awesome little tins. Problem was, we had been saving them, not sure what we'd use them for. Well, we found something last night!! They made perfect containers for the chocolates and we decorated them with stickers for the boys!! I think they will be super excited!!

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Audra said...

I love the tins! Too cute. You could even use them for little first aid kits, sewing kits... for your purse/diaper bag.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Aud