Thursday, November 12, 2009

New shoes...

Yesterday, we went to the mall to get Logan some new shoes. I pretty much have a limit of $20 on new shoes for him. I can hardly bring myself to spend more than that. It takes a bit of searching, but I can usually find some. We walked all over the mall, and most places the shoes were $30-$50. I finally found a pair of Fila shoes on clearance for $20. Well, last year I bought Logan Sketchers on clearance and he was convinced that would be what we got this year. I couldn't find any for less than $27 and I didn't like most of them anyway. When I found the Filas, Logan had already convinced himself he didn't like them. Well, he is 7 and I am the mom, so we bought the Filas.

When we got home, he asked to wear them even though bedtime wasn't that far away. He got his pajamas on, then put his new shoes on to wear around. Each night, we gather in Lucas' room for family hugs then Logan goes to his room and we tuck Lucas in. Then we go to Logan's room and tuck him in. I am typically still in Lucas' room when my husband goes into Logan's room. Last night I could hear them talking about wearing shoes in bed and how shoes are dirty so you shouldn't do that. Turns out, Logan left his shoes on when he got in bed. He wanted to sleep with them on! My husband took the shoes off of him and told him not to put them in his bed.

Well, last night before I went to bed, I went into his room and he had the shoes back in bed with him. I guess he decided they were pretty cool shoes afterall!!


Tammy said...

That's cute!!!

Beth P. said...

So cute! Its funny how new shoes impact kids. I have vivid memories of my brother telling me he could run faster every time he got new shoes. Haha!

Teri said...

Soooo cute! I think the whole new shoes thing with kids is so funny. We have 3 yr olds who point out their shoes to us even if they aren't new...just to show us their shoes!

Hilary said...

Candi..I just had to come over here personally and tell you a big Thank You for letting me know (in the blog frog discussion) about the promo code for 50 free birth announcements!!!
I just ordered them. My total was $0.00
Sweet! Of course I'll have to buy envelopes for them but seriously, this made my day to get these for free. What a blessing.
Thank you so much for sharing!