Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes ir, yes ir.......

Lucas LOVES to sing and I love to listen to him sing. A few of his favorite songs are "Q-S-Y-and P", "Trinkle, trinkle" and "Yes ir, Yes ir". Oh, and lets not forget "Another one bites the dust" and "Fraggle rock"....LOL!

At night, he presses his little head against you and wants you to sing in his ear. I just love hearing his tiny little voice singing along.

I find it funny that he calls the alphabet song "Q-S-Y-and P" because he actually knows the whole song. I must pull out the video camera and get some footage of him singing it.

You may have figured out that "trinkle, trinkle" is Twinkle, twinkle little star. Yes ir, yes ir is Baa baa black sheep.

Sweet Lucas, this one is for you!

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Christi said...

So sweet! It cracks me up that he likes Fraggle Rock - that's one of our faves too, even though the boys have no idea what it is!