Thursday, December 4, 2008


Logan has got to be one of the pickiest eaters in the world! Today, I am in shock! I bought myself some creamed spinach because I love it. At least, I love it from Boston Market. Safeway's variety doesn't come close. My husband was making me lunch and asked what I wanted. I told him creamed spinach and toast. Now, I wanted toast on the side, but didn't specify, so he brought me a plate of toast with creamed spinach on top. Logan kept asking to have the same thing, but knowing how picky he is, I kept saying no. I finally decided to let him taste it and he said he liked it. The thing is, he usually says he likes something before he has even had a chance to taste it. However, he said he liked it and wanted some of his own. We told him that it wouldn't be a good thing to lie about it because if he says he likes it and wants it, he will have to eat it.

He assured us that he liked it and wanted it, so a piece of toast with creamed spinach on top was given to him. Watching him take his first bite was the real test to see if he truly liked it. I watched closely and didn't see any grimaces. He happily took the second bite and continued until it was all gone! I am indeed in shock. Plenty of adults wouldn't have been able to eat that and he really liked it. Perhaps he is my little Popeye?!?


Melissa said...

Boston Market creamed spinach is the best!!

Audra said...

I've never had just creamed spinach from anywhere. I have only had canned spinach. I am obviously missing out. Thanks for the tip, Popeye! Too funny.

Christi said...

That's too funny! Ryan eats EVERYTHING, and I don't think even he'd eat creamed spinach.