Friday, June 1, 2007

My little peanut...

I took Lucas to his 15 month well baby appt. on Tuesday.

At his 12 month, they took a urine sample and it came back with red blood cells in it. They wanted me to repeat it making sure to get a first morning urine. Boy...that is hard to do. So, they told me to try to get it before I let him up to play. I kept forgetting to put the bag on him once he was up, but before letting him down to play. Anyway, I finally decided I'd just do it and take it with me to his 15 month check up since I had waited so long. It came back normal this time :).

Apparently he was measured wrong at his 12 month check up. They had measured him at 28 inches, but this time they meaured him at 27.25 inches....we checked it several times to make sure. He weighed in at 16 pounds...still a tiny guy!!

What is funny about that is that he is still in his infant carrier. It seems most people think I am keeping him in it when he no longer should be. Most make comments about their child out growing their infant seat at 6 months old. Thing is, my infant carrier goes up to 30 inches and 22 pounds. I was laughing saying that at this rate I might be able to keep him in it until he is 2!!

I love his infant carrier and it was one of the more expensive ones, so I'm going to use it as long as I can!!

His doctor did ask that I give him lots of calories and bring him back in one month for a weight check. I'll do that, but I know that I just have small children. Lucas eats and eats...we don't withold any calories from him.